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A Simple and Practical Method for Clinical Diagnosis of Swine Disease and Antibody Detection-Rapid D

In modern pig production of the certain scale, although a variety of good feeding management and epidemic prevention measures have been taken, diseases still occur from time to time, often causing serious losses. In order to reduce the incidence of diseases and make scientific guidance for vaccine immunization, it is very necessary to understand the effective antibody level in pigs. Based on colloidal gold immunochromatographic technique, the specificity and sensitivity of the rapid antibody test paper are greatly improved, and the sample does not need pretreatment, which greatly reduces the artificial error and work intensity in the experimental process. In practical operation, only simple operation is needed according to the product instructions, and no additional equipment is needed. It has been widely used in medical testing and agricultural and animal husbandry production, and is suitable for different quarantine and diagnostic institutions, and more suitable for grass-roots veterinarians and farms, and provides a new technical means for early diagnosis and timely immunization of animal epidemics.

The Role of Porcine Disease Test Card in Modern Pig Health Care (Taking classical swine fever as an example)

1. The porcine disease test card can be used to test the quality of swine fever vaccine and determine the optimal dose of immunization.

2. When sows give birth, the antibody level of sows is detected by gold-labeled immunoassay card of classical swine fever antibody.

3. Detecting antibody status and immune status when purchasing piglets or breeding pigs from abroad.

4. In the case of hog cholera disease, it is possible to collect the serum (or blood) of the sick pig with the porcine disease test card.

5. When epidemic surveillance is carried out, swine disease detection card with antibody immunization can be used for rapid detection.