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Aquaculture technology: Introduce Artificial Insemination Technology in Detail!

First, Estrus Identification Techniques

Based on the situations that physiological characteristics and breeding conditions for different cattle breeds are different, the corresponding estrus generation time, duration, ovulation period and suitable time for artificial insemination are also different.

Second, Semen Thawing Technology

1. Water for semen thawing should be kept at about 40 degrees Celsius, and constant temperature water tank should be used for specific thawing operation. The frozen semen should be gently removed from the liquid nitrogen tank. At the same time, attention should be paid not to expose the container to the mouth of the liquid nitrogen tank. At the same time, the test tube filled with frozen semen should be removed immediately and placed in the constant temperature water tank. The test tube should do the operation of shaking for 10 seconds. Then the test tube should be taken out and the outer water beads wiped clean while the test tube should be wrapped up with a paper towel and placed quietly for reserve.

2. Normal temperature hydrolysis-freezing method, that is, put it for 30 seconds in normal temperature water ranging from 8℃ to 18℃, which is suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the sperm viability after thawing is also improved.

As far as the current artificial insemination technology in China is concerned, although the scope of its specific application is expanding, there are still some problems in the actual implementation of artificial insemination. Therefore, relevant technologies and staff need to constantly explore and innovate them, so as to enable artificial insemination technology to play its role well and help the process of cattle breeding improvement in China, and is conducive to the good development of the breeding industry.

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