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At the Pet Age

At present, pet economy is booming, and many friends around us become "cat slaves" and "dog slaves", and accompanied by "tremble" and other short video booms, there is an interesting phenomenon of "cloud feeding". The industry has developed a huge industrial chain about the pet's birth, aging, illness and death. Pet food and pet supplies are abundant in supermarkets; pet hospitals are flourishing everywhere; even pet funerals and cemeteries are gradually rising; the pet industry is experiencing a period of rapid growth in China.

At present, China's pet ownership has ranked third in the world, but the proportion of pet families is only 6%, far less than the thirty percent of the penetration rate of pet market in the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries. With the maturity of the pet industry in China, the rate of family petting and the number of pets continue to increase. As a result, pet demand will continue to grow. In addition, the emotional needs of the aging population may provide new opportunities for the pet industry.

In market of the pet breeding product, facing the strong competition from overseas brands, the strategy of domestic companies' differentiated competition has achieved initial results. On the one hand, it avoids the main grain disputes, breaking in from the snack market and expanding to the whole industry chain; on the other hand, it avoids the off-line business chains which have great influence on overseas brands, and turns to online e-commerce channels, focusing on network marketing, seizing the online market through high return channels or becoming a new development idea. Beijing Beiteshuang Technology Development Co., Ltd. sells pet breeding products to the public all year round. Welcome to order and purchase!