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Benefits of Artificial Insemination of Pet Dogs

Benefits of artificial insemination of pet dogs:

1. Improving the level of high-quality dog breeds can also overcome the huger contradiction of differences in physique and prolong the reproductive life of dogs.

2. Improving the utilization efficiency of male dogs having excellent breed speeds up the pace of breed improvement. Through the implementation of social unified sperm supply, the efficiency of raising dogs has been greatly improved and the pace of popularization of improved breeds has been accelerated.

3. The best male breeder semen can be used for mating to improve the conception rate, birth rate and offspring viability.

4. Artificial insemination can prevent the spread and epidemic of diseases and overcome infertility of some breeds.

5. Artificial insemination and breeding are not restricted by region, which can save manpower, time and feeding costs.

6. Artificial insemination can be done with plans and steps to improve the dog breed. It can maximize the utilization efficiency of breed male dog, effectively prevent inbreeding and improve the efficiency of breed improvement.

7. By cryopreservation of dog semen, the inheritance of excellent individuals can be preserved for several years, decades or even hundreds of years.

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