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Beiersumu Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Station, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia

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  Many herders have settled down on the Hulunbuir Grassland. The raised cattle and sheep will be grazed in designated areas at regular and designated times.The semi free range farming model also highlights the problems left by natural farming.Natural reproduction seriously lags behind the efficiency of aquaculture. People have enough time to engage in breeding,but breeding technology has indeed become a significant transformation challenge.


  On June 6, 2019, Beiersumu Animal Husbandry Station organized training on modern artificial insemination techniques for cattle, introducing a cow ovulation tester and a cow visual insemination gun. Promoting the transformation and upgrading process of animal husbandry has been widely recognized by superiors.


  The cow ovulation tester can determine the development of follicles by measuring the changes in the electrical resistance of the cow's mucus during estrus. Simply reading the numerical value can achieve estrus identification and determine the mating time,  it can be used directly without any experience.


  For artificial insemination, herders have no experience, they don't understanding of the reproductive structure of cattle. Through the application of visual insemination guns, everyone has gained an understanding of the reproductive process of cows and the structure of the uterus of cows. The on-site teacher's hands-on teaching and usage skills made the herdsmen feel novel and also learned knowledge and concepts very seriously. Quickly elevate the efficiency of cattle breeding to another high point.

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