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Cherish Sperm Bank Dog Artificial Insemination System

Canine progesterone analyzer:

1. Monitor the ovulation and mating time of bitches accurately and completely eliminate the errors caused by human judgement.
2.It judges pregnancy at the earliest time. After pregnancy, it is used to detect the progesterone level of the bitch to avoid miscarriage caused by progesterone deficiency.
3. The progesterone meter was used to monitor the progesterone level during delivery. When the progesterone level dropped to a fixed range, the bitch was about to give birth. The errors caused by artificial judgment were avoided completely, and the health and safety of big and small dogs were ensured.

Endoscopic Fertilization   Sperm Analyzer

1. Avoid all kinds of contact infectious diseases.
2. Increase the conception rate of bitches by a large margin.
3.The insemination of the one-time can provide multiple female fertilization, greatly prolonging the service life of male dogs.
4. Visualize the internal environment of the vagina of the bitch and visually find various problems within the vagina.
5. Intuitive sperm is pushed into the uterus of the bitch to ensure that the bitch is pregnant to the greatest extent.
6.The vaginal deformity of bitches makes it difficult to conceive. Endoscopic insemination can directly solve all kinds of complications of bitches.
7 Sperm analyzer can effectively judge sperm motility and improve the fertility rate.

Providing sperm nutrient solution

1. Increasing and prolonging motility and life of the sperm by a large margin.
2 Suitable for long distance transportation and fertilization in other places.
3. Save the workload of personnel and avoid fatigue carrying with dogs.
4. Protecting the male dog, saving more than half of the times of sperm collection, prolonging the use period of the male dog, improving the quality of the male dog improves the fertilization rate of the female dog.

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