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Beijing Beiteshuang and Hebei Aimuduo invite you to review the wonderful moments of the 2021 China Dairy Industry Exhibition!

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Gather small streams to form rivers and seas, gather people's aspirations to create brilliance. From July 17th to 19th, the 12th China Dairy Industry Conference and 2021 China Dairy Industry Exhibition, with the theme of "Exhibition Results, Strategy, Blueprint, Illumination of Two Centenary Intersection Points", were grandly held in Hefei, Anhui Province. The exhibition comprehensively summarizes the achievements of the development of the dairy industry during the 13th Five Year Plan period, systematically plans for the strategic development of the dairy industry during the 14th Five Year Plan period, and contributes wisdom and strength to the revitalization and modernization of the dairy industry.


The China Dairy Conference and China Dairy Exhibition are organized by the China Dairy Association and they are the largest and most influential conference and exhibition in the industry, that providing a platform for communication, cooperation, and trade.

Beijing Beiteshuang Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 and is a modern high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, sales, and services. It covers the research and development of animal breeding technology, the development of modern enclosure management technology for breeding farms, research and product development of animal nutrition supply, and the construction of a centralized procurement service platform for animal husbandry, covering the fields of pig, cattle, sheep, and their special animal husbandry; And in 2020, Hebei Aimuduo Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Special Equipment Co., Ltd. was established as a production supplier for Beijing Beiteshuang Technology Development Co., Ltd.





After a 3 days, this exhibition has come to a successful conclusion and everyone has gained a lot. Next, we will review the knowledge and experience learned at the exhibition, continue to work hard, solve the pain points and difficulties of farmers in the breeding process, and develop more products that are popular and loved by everyone. We will continue to work hard to help global farmers live a better life! Strive tirelessly to become the most beloved breeding equipment brand for global breeders! See you next year! 

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