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Let global breeders live a better life

Let global breeders live a better life

Hebei Aimuduo Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Special Equipment Co., Ltd. integrates research and development, sales, production, and service, and has built a global animal breeding technology operation and service network. The category involves the development of breeding equipment for pigs, cows, sheep, dogs, and other special animals, as well as modern breeding enclosure management technology.

The enterprise is located in the National Development Zone of Langfang City, Hebei Province. It has established research and development centers, breeding centers, production centers, and logistics centers, integrating cutting-edge technological concepts and quickly responding to customers' changing needs. It provides customers with high-quality, scientific, and convenient products, as well as overall solutions.

The company has an experienced and innovative technology research and development team. After years of in-depth research and exploration in the industry, we have developed multiple animal husbandry products such as ovulation testers, visual insemination guns, and animal husbandry electronic fence pulsers, which have had a profound impact on the industry and have been highly recognized and loved by customers in the industry.