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Diagnosis and Control Report of a Case of Porcine Pseudorabies

The porcine pseudorabies (PR) is a kind of acute infectious disease caused by porcine pseudorabies virus (PRV) in domestic animals and various wild animals. The disease is not seasonal and can occur all the year round, mostly happening in the cold season. Sick pigs and poisoned pigs and poisonous rodents are the sources of infection. The virus is mainly excreted with the secretions, nasal juice, saliva, urine and milk of the sick pigs, which can contaminate the surrounding environment such as feed, drinking water, pads and fences, or transmit them to healthy pigs through semen. Pigs are the natural hosts and storer of porcine pseudorabies virus. Once infected, the main symptoms are obvious neurological symptoms, elevated body temperature and acute death, with a mortality rate of 100%. Adult sows and boars are mostly behaving reproductive disorders and respiratory symptoms. At present, the disease has been widespread in China, and the epidemic scope is becoming wider and wider. The disease is becoming more and more serious, which is often secondary to bacterial and other viral infections. It has become one of the major diseases in pig industry, and has resulted in serious economic losses.

In view of the above diseases, feeders should do a good job in strengthening immune prevention, disinfection and source elimination, pig farms should be cautious introduction, and strengthen feeding management. Beijing Beiteshuang Technology Development Co., LTD. has the annual sale of porcine pseudorabies virus (prv) test kit, welcome to order and purchase!