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Dog Tips: those Things about the Breeding!

What is professional reproduction?

Family breeders are people who raise and breed pet pups on the grounds of family houses. As a matter of fact, it is the same as kennel and dog farm, but Chinese people always distinguish it. They always think that kennel sounds a little taller than dog farm, so everyone calls it "some kennel", rarely named a certain dog farm. There is no praise or derogation to the title of the breeder, but there are differences in the understanding of reproduction between superior and inferior. Reproduction is by no means as simple as giving birth. Reproduction aims at continuing excellent species and optimizing species. So breeding more requires a correct understanding of species, so that excellent genes can continue. Many real breeders spend their lives working for their favorite breeds in the hope of producing perfect individuals that meet the breed standards. Under the framework of standards for the dog breed, they constantly improve and think about their breeding plans.

Establishing correct reproductive concept and eliminating bad reproduction

Animal reproduction is the same as human reproduction, and we also encourage aristogenesis and good brood. We do not exclude reproduction, and the loss of species will lead to the extinction. Not excluding species diversity, many purebred dogs and cats are also the result of the results natural and reproduction, which also allows us to see such a rich variety. Really understand and master reproductive science, use scientific and systematic means, abide by natural laws, and reproduce in a responsible manner. Attention to the health and welfare of animals is highly respected.

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