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How should we Detect the Antibody of Porcine Pseudorabies?

Porcine pseudorabies is an acute infectious disease of pigs caused by porcine pseudorabies virus (prv). The disease is prevalent in pigs, which can cause abortion of pregnant sows, stillbirth, infertility of boars, diarrhea neurological symptoms, a large number of deaths of newborn piglets, and dyspnea and stagnation of growth of fattening pigs, etc. It is one of the major infectious diseases endangering the global pig industry. Some major prevalent countries having the porcine pseudorabies in the world have launched eradication plans and achieved remarkable results.

China has also launched a pig pseudorabies purification program, which requires that the national core breeding farm in 2020 must be purified by pseudorabies. Purification abroad refers to non-immunization PRV pseudorabies gE gene deletion vaccine. At this present, China requires immunization without epidemic (use pseudorabies gE gene deletion vaccine, without wild virus infection, gE must be negative). Purification in the future will inevitably lead to the non-use of PRV pseudorabies gE gene deletion vaccine.

The commonly used methods for detecting gE and gB antibodies: virus neutralization test (scientific research institutes), ELISA (Saifu biology, Edwards, Jinuo, Konqian, Pleco, Lepson, Midway, Conrad, Green Poetry and so on), colloidal gold (droplet rapid detection, Conrad, etc.), immunofluorescence chromatography (Saifu biology).

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