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Introduction of Lighting Equipment which Crawling Pets need

Popular reptiles, excepting the frog-eye and leopard-grain palace-guarding lizards and other animals like pet spiders, which do not need sunshine, need some pet breeding equipment. If you want to keep a favorite climbing pet or prepare to have a lovely climbing pet, you need to "decorate" their home first.

Next, I will share with you the knowledge of the pet breeding equipment!

OK, to get to the point, we don't need much. Let's start with their names, feeding boxes, UVA, ceramic lamps, basins, water basins, bedding materials, thermohygrometers, temperature control equipment, timing switches, landscaping and so on.

Rearing box 

There are many kinds of breeding boxes for reptiles. Horizontal boxes and wooden boxes are kept relatively warm. The size of boxes is purchased according to the length of their reptiles. Buy bigger boxes as far as possible, because reptiles, like people, also like spacious and bright houses. And it looks more beautiful.


Domestic UVA below several hundred yuan can be called solar lamp. I have checked a lot of information, and very few people really use the pure UVA lamps, as it is not necessary. The lamps and lanterns of ten yuan and tens of yuan in the market are available. In a word, they are the warm lamps with yellow light source. Bath lamp is the same thing.

Ceramic lamp

Ceramic lamp is an important part which control the temperature in the breeding box. Unlike UVA, it has longer service life compared to UVA. Ceramic lamp can also be used with thermostat, which does not affect the life of the ceramic lamp. No light source can be used at the same time during the day and night. The disadvantage is that it is easy to cause the humidity in the breeding box to become lower. Many climbers use moonlight lamp because the humidity becomes lower, and then they change back. Because the life of moonlight lamp is short, the life of moonlight lamp with temperature controller is shorter.