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Animal Electronic Ear Tag

Animal Electronic Ear Tag

Product Overview
BATERSUARG series FDX-B Integrated passive transponder (PIT), is a match ISO11784/85 Standard radio frequency identification (RFID) label, and with the match ISO11784/85 Standard reading equipment used in conjunction. Usually referred to as animal electronic ear tag.

Product Description

Product Structure
BATERSUARG electronic ear tag with polyurethane of packaging materials, The chip coil is integrated in the polyurethane material, Main buckle: 32 ± 0.1mm x 16.5 ± 0.1mm, Deputy buckle: 30 ± 0.1mm x 23 ± 0.1mm, Packaging materials: TPU , Operating temperature: -25℃~+70℃. Widely used in animals as an identity.
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