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Animal Vaginal Conventional Cleaning Device

Animal Vaginal Conventional Cleaning Device

Configuration List】 It mainly consists of flushing pressure device, conduit, flushing probe and flushing top.
Product Performance
Soundness: The connection between pressure device and catheter is strong
Air Tightness: Integral seal design.
Smoothness: Pull open the lever and the water in the pressure device of the Flushing therapeutic apparatus should be ejected from the rinse head without obstruction.

Product Description

It is suitable for vaginal injuries and infections caused by inspection and operation during breeding and midwifery, endometritis, vaginitis caused by afterbirth and fetal decay in the uterus and routine cleaning.

Technical Parameters
1.Maximum Pulling Force: 100N (10Kg)
2.Liquid Storage Bottle Volume: 200mL
3.Connecting Pipe Length: 50cm
4.Flushing Probe length: 30cm
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