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Cattle/Horse Visual Insemination Gun

Cattle/Horse Visual Insemination Gun

Basic Configuration:
Visual Insemination Gun (Total length is 51.5cm, endoscope length is 36.5cm)
Outer Thimble (80cm, the front end is a Direct Injection Hole, Round Head)
Insemination Tube (82cm, Customized, Only applicable to BATERSUARG Visual Insemination System)

Product Description

The Operation Declaration of Horse Visual Insemination Gun

  • The preparation before insemination
It includes one horse visual insemination gun( enough quantity of power), extender head of horse visual insemination gun( for the use of cow), a special insemination gun, outer shell of insemination gun, frozen seminiferous tubule(freezing), wet cloth, some alcohol swabs and warm water.

  • The operation of insemination
1. Cleaning the horse visual insemination gun with alcohol swab is to ensure sterilization and clear camera.

2. The vulvae of matrix is cleaned with warm water to sterilization, after which it should be dried with wet cloth so as to leave no residue.

3. Traditional way is used to put the thawed seminiferous tubule into insemination gun, followed with outer shell for reserve.

4. The insemination gun can be switched on to make sure the image is clear, after which the insemination gun can be inserted into the vagina of the matrix. In the very beginning, it should reach 5-10cm with upward angle and then, it goes on 30cm deep horizontally till the os uteri is seen clearly.

5.  The horse visual insemination gun keeps immovable and the frozen seminiferous tubule will insert in through the passage of insemination deposition, which can be viewed on the screen to ensure the head of spermaduct goes to the os uteri. (Figure 2)

6. After that, some resistance will be met because the cow's mouth of womb is closed in diestru. The mouth of womb will open about 1.5cm during oestrum and 6-10cm irregular wrinkles of semen will appear. So what we should do is to rotate the spermaduct and insert it into the womb. The head of spermaduct is smooth so it will not hurt the os uteri and womb. When the spermaduct goes to approximate 15cm, in fact it lands the bottom. Then, the sperm will be pushed into the womb slowly until finish. ( Pay attention: if the spermaduct goes too deep, the sperm is likely to flow one side of cornua uteri, causing unevenness of the distribution. What’s worse, if that side is ovulation of cornua uteri, the pregnancy rate will be affected, just as figure 3 and 4)

7. After the insemination is affirmed without any accident, the spermaduct will be taken out slowly in case that the sperm flows afterwards. And the horse visual insemination gun will get away from vagina of matrix and will be cleaned with wet cloth and disinfected with alcohol swab. At last, the insemination gun will be packed and placed into the appointed container for safe keeping.

Main Technical Parameters
total length 51.5cm
endoscope probe 36.5cm
Gas channel 2mm
Camera 180° wide angle
Pixel 5 million
Rotating angle 120° with fore-aft adjustment
extender head length 15m
Outer shell 80cm
hand shank width about 5.7cm
probe diameter 20cm
camera path 4.5mm
working passage 10m
screen size 3.5 inch
extender head diameter 23mm
spermaduct 82cm
Charging Adapter Parameters
model P5-1000
Input 200 240v with AC 50/60HZ 0. 15A
Output DC 000uA
application cow artificial visual insemination
applicable range cow
Performance Data
storage the highest load is 2566
functions picturing, shooting and output
output USB interface
Charging built-in battery
Working hours 2h
Package special case of aluminum alloy
Size 570mm*275mm*150mm
allocation 1 visual insemination gun
1 set Charging equipment
10 sets specific outer shell for insemination
1 set Spermaduct
5 specific extender heads of insemination gun

Maintenance Service
  • Basic information
In any case that the fault caused by product quality in regular service, our company will be responsible for one-year maintenance free of charge.
Please contact the retailer tin charge of this product directly when it breaks down.
You should provide or show the warranty card when requesting repairing, we will offer free maintenance or pay-needed one according to the date you purchase it.

  • The exceptional clauses indicate that if there is any situation following, we will define it out of the period of warranty:
  1. The equipment is broken because the users operate without being in accordance with the instruction.
  2. The damages are caused by accidents, abuse and misuse.
  3. The damages are led by improper keeping(for instance, the liquid penetrates or the users smash it)
  4. The users change the hardware or software by themselves so that the products fail to work normally.
  5. The failure or fault happens for the users dismount the equipment for repair on their own or modify it exceeding their own power.
  6. Failure or breakdown are resulted in by person or natural calamities.
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