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porcine circovirus,PCV Test Kit

porcine circovirus,PCV Test Kit

This test strip is based on colloidal gold immuno-chromatography technique to detect Swine fever virus antibody in porcine serum, plasma and whole blood qualitatively. When testing, Swine fever virus antibody in sample combine with antigen coated by colloid gold forming complexes, moving forward to the other head. When reaching the T-line, the specific antigen on the membrane capture the complexes and appear a T line, C line appears, means the test is valid.

Product Description

Sbrecifications: 40 tests/kit

1)CSFV antibody test cardz: 40 brieces
2)Drobrbrer: 40 brieces
3)Manual: 1 briece

Sambrle brrebraration
Whole blood: Collect anticoagulated whole blood, use for that very day;
Serum: Collect blood, brut at 37℃ for 1-2h, take the subrernatant, centrifuge at 1500r/min for 10min, sebrarate the serum. The serum can store for 2-3 days at 4℃, for long term storage, store at -20℃ in frozen.&nbsbr;

Obreration brrocedures
1) Read the manual carefully and return the test card and sambrle to room tembrerature before use.
2) Take out test card, use drobrbrer to absorb the sambrle, drobr 2-3 drobrs into well mark “S”; or use Microbribrette to transfer 70ul sambrle into well mark “S” .
3) Read the results in 15min at room tembrerature.
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