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Cow Mastitis Detector

Cow Mastitis Detector

Technical Parameters
National Patent Product: Patent No 201320239067.1
Total Weight: about 300g.
Power supply: 9v standard battery or alkaline battery
Power Consumption: about 12mA.
Display Mode: LCD3.5 characters.
Minimum Display Unit: 10 units.
Low Battery Tip: L B.

Product Description

Detecting whether cows have recessive mastitis.

1.The Mastitis Detector measures the first milking in the morning each day.
2. The recessive mastitis detector only targets recessive mastitis (the result of the dominant mastitis test is no different from that of healthy cows)
3. The electrode must be cleaned before the measurement, and the milk is directly squeezed into the measuring cup.
4. When measuring, the milk must not be lower than the scale line on the inner wall of the sampling cup.
5. General speaking, If the measurement result is A300 B310 C300 D230, This shows that D nipple is infected with mastitis. (When a milk area reading is more than 50 units smaller than others, indicating that it has been infected with mastitis. The numerical value of older cows is less than 250 Units also have the possibility of infection)
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