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Swine Disease Detector

Swine Disease Detector

Product Name: Swine Disease Detector
Mainly targeted at FMDV, PRRSV, CSFV, PCDV and PRV

Product Description

Dimension: 17cm×9cm
Package size: 57cm×27cm×15cm
Weight: 4.4kg

1. Immunization checking
2. Antibody level checking
3. Vaccine screening
4. Develop disease eradicating plan based on data from the detector.

Sample Standard:
1. The product is suitable for serum. Fresh blood serum is recommended.
2. The sample should be collected into clean and dry container. The sample should be used within 1 hour. The sample can be stored 72 hours at 2℃~8℃ temperature. We do not recommend store the sample over 24 hours.
3. Below -20℃ for long term storage.
4. The sample temperature should reach room temperature(15℃~30℃) before using. Frozen sample should be full melted. Avoiding re-melting.

Testing Method:
1. Switch on the detector. Preheat for 5 min.
2. Collect fresh blood serum. (Phlebotomize, Centrifuge for at least 15 minutes at 4000 RPM, then separate the serum from blood)
4. Replace the test card horizontally.
5. Pipette 100μl serum on the test zone of the card.
6. Then insert the card into the detector. (Small hole to the front for desktop detector, test zone to the front for portable detector)
7. Press START then the detector will start a 15 min countdown. The detector will display the results after the countdown.
8. Press PRINT to print the results

Reference Data:
Test Results Antibody Level Interpretation Comment
0-10 Blank Need immunity
11-40 Low Need immunity
41-60 Low Persistent Observation
61-100 General Occasional observation
101-160 Good Blank
161-320 Excellent Blank

Basic Configuration
1 Swine Disease Detector
1 Pipette
1 pack of Pipette Tips
50 Test Strips (Customized Combination)

1. Please finish testing within 30 min. The results will be incorrect over 30 min.
2. This product is only for external use.
3. Best temperature: 15~30℃; Best humidity: 40~60%
4. IC chip and strip from different batch can NOT be used together.
5. Do NOT use the expired product
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