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Swine Ovulation Detector

Swine Ovulation Detector

Data interpretation (Take pig as an example)
Not estrus: When the pig is not estrus, the numerical value is above 450. The numerical values begin to drop after the estrus, the lowest can drop to 250 or so, It will last about 20 hours at the low point, and then rise. When the data rises to 350 or so for the first insemination, interval 6- 8 hours for the second time artificial insemination (At this time, the data is around 450. The second day after insemination, the data will rise to more than 600, or even reach 800, which is normal. It is worth noting that if the insemination didn't carry out, such high data will not appear.)

Product Description

Technical Parameters】
  • Test Method: full automatic test
  • Test Speed: within 3 seconds 
  • Net Weight: 300 g 
  • Electric Power: a 9 volt battery
  • Display: LCD screen, about 2.6 inches. 
  • Measuring Range:10-1990 
  • Working Temperature:0-50℃ 
  • Maximum Humidity:85%
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