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Advantages and Use of Swine Ovulation Detector

Advantages of the swine ovulation detector:

1. It can be clearly determined according to the data changes detected by the swine ovulation detector to determine whether the female animal is in estrus, which stage of the estrus period, the time of entering the ovulation period, and the optimal breeding time.

2. The small amount of current generated by the instrument itself is harmless to animals and people.

3. It can quickly find animals entering the ovulation period without obvious features.

4. It can detect animals entering silent ovulation

5. It can detect animals in irregular estrus into ovulation

6. It can improve the efficiency of insemination

7. It can improve the skills of farm workers

8. It can save farm economic expenses and improve farm economic benefits

9. It can measure early signs of pregnancy or the next ovulation period if no insemination occurs (remember: because the broiler's urine contains salt, do not test after urination.)

10. Swine ovulation detector is waterproof, so it can be cleaned to keep the instrument clean and maintenance.

Swine ovulation detector steps:

1. Check the battery level of the swine ovulation detector in the air to see if you need to replace the battery.

2. Prepare the disinfectant and sterilize the probe according to the disinfection procedure.

3. Clean the vagina of the animal before measuring.

4. Separate the vulva of the animal and carefully insert the probe until it reaches the depression, which is the depth of the probe up to three-quarters. Resistance is felt when this depth is reached. At this time, carefully rotate the probe for 2-3 half circles. Check the rectum to see if the probe has reached a suitable depth.

5. Open the swine ovulation detector.

6. Wait until the display shows that the number is stable for 1.5-2 seconds before reading the result.

7. Remove the probe.

8. Disinfect the probe according to the disinfection instructions.


1. Do not wash the probe with boiling water or hot water.

2. When disinfecting, prepare two containers to hold the disinfectant, plastic container. The first container is used for initial cleaning and the second is for final disinfection.

3. The method of using the disinfectant should be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

4. Disinfectant may cause allergies in pig vaginal mucus, so it is recommended to wipe the probe clean before inserting the probe. After a large number of tests, the effect of the disinfectant will be reduced. It is recommended to replace it with a new disinfectant to continue the test.

5. Keeping the swine ovulation detector clean is an important guarantee for obtaining reliable data. Failure to pay attention to hygiene may cause damage to the pig's uterus or even cause infection. After each use, carefully clean and disinfect.