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Artificial Insemination Operation Essentials

1. Cow estrus observation and identification
Estrus observation is one of the main links of artificial insemination technology for dairy cows, and it is the basis and basis for timely insemination. Estrus identification methods include behavioral and reproductive tract observations, pedometer statistics, and the like. The cow "stands up" to accept it is a major feature of determining cow estrus, combined with vulvar swelling, vaginal mucosal color and mucus traits. Continuous observation uses the first stable reception creep time to estimate the optimal insemination time.

2. Baoding and rectal examination of estrus cows
Before the insemination, the estrus cows will be fixed in a fixed place such as fixing rack or bovine neck and a rectal examination to determine whether the uterus, ovaries and follicles are developing normally. If abnormalities such as abnormal uterine structure, hydronephrosis, follicular cysts, and undeveloped follicles are found, it is not suitable for artificial insemination.

3. The best infusion time and location of the estrus cow
Cow estrus is the main judgment symptom by stable acceptance of climbing. Continuous observation from the first stable climb is calculated for 16-20 hours as the best insemination time. The inferior part of the normal frozen essence is the uterus, and the inferior part of the sex-controlled frozen essence must be the uterine horn of the deep uterus or the ovarian development side. Only in this way can a higher conception rate be achieved.

4. Extraction and thawing of frozen essence, loading gun
When extracting the frozen essence from the liquid nitrogen tank, the bucket is below the white line (5 cm below the tank mouth) and the required frozen fine tube is taken with a long scorpion, and quickly placed in a thawing cup at a water temperature of 37 ° C for 10 seconds. Thaw the thin tube and wipe off the surface water with a clean toilet paper. Cut it 1 cm from the seal and insert it into the artificial insemination gun prepared in advance. The thawing and filling methods and requirements of ordinary frozen essence and sexually controlled frozen essence are the same.

5. Insemination operation
The artificial insemination equipment is sent to the uterus through the left hand rectum. The specific frozen part of the specific part is the uterus. Sexually controlled frozen sperm is the anterior 1/3 of the deep uterus or the uterine horn of the follicular development. The right hand smoothly pushes the core of the artificial insemination device to push the semen into the corresponding position in the uterus, and extracts the artificial insemination gun. In the process of operation, the insemination gun and the genital part should be disinfected. Soft and hard coats must be used. During the cold season in winter and spring, special attention should be paid to the artificial insemination gun.