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Beiteshuang Progesterone Analyzer

Beiteshuang progesterone analyzer accurately measures the mating time of the bitch by venous blood draw.

A brief description of progesterone analyzer :

Progesterone is produced by the corpus luteum, also known as progesterone. The corpus luteum is produced after ovulation of the ovaries. So we determined the ovulation by testing the progesterone data.

Purification is carried out by taking the blood of the bitch. The serum is dropped into the reagent test card, and the data is read by the host.

According to the data, the mating time of the bitch can be judged.

Advantages and prospects of progesterone analyzer for sale:

1. The company's canine progesterone tester can now detect progesterone and crp values. One serum was tested simultaneously. In the future, we will add other testing items.

2. In terms of operation, no technician is required, and the test result is fast and accurate.

Targets for progesterone analyzer for sale:

Pet hospitals, police dog bases, kennels, dog farms, and related institutions engaged in dog breeding.