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Development of Canine And Feline Pregnancy Test Kit

Dogs are one of the earliest domesticated animals. Because dogs have superior memory, territorial habits, and group habits, they play a pivotal role in military police, guides, and pets.

However, due to the lack of accurate understanding of the dog's unique reproductive physiology and its ovarian and fallopian tube environment, people's understanding of dogs is still in performance. Many breeding techniques for economic animals such as pigs, cattle, and sheep are not suitable for dog breeding.

Modern breeding techniques for dogs include semen freezing and artificial insemination, estrus regulation, embryo culture and transplantation, and cloning. Although these techniques are important in improving fertility, accelerating variety improvement, and protecting dog resources, there is no uniform standard for dog breeding technology in China and the whole environment is relatively lagging and there is no forming system.

About a decade ago, our company began to develop from the artificial insemination that began to contact Tibetan mastiffs. It includes all aspects of ovulation monitoring, artificial insemination (general insemination, visual insemination) from the semen collection, semen detection, semen dilution, semen storage (fresh storage, frozen storage) at the forefront of the industrial chain. Technology and product services have gone through a very long process.

In the past ten years, we have collected semen from the simplest disposable cups to design and produce professional collection bags. We have achieved infusion from stainless steel casing to disposable and visual TC | insemination. We have achieved a common experience from combining microscopy to professional progesterone testing. We will solve the problem of dead sperm, weak sperm, less refined and so on to develop semen conditioning products. In order to avoid the generation and spread of reproductive system diseases, we have developed bitch lotion and male dog spray. For the inheritance of excellent genes, we will open the teaching of semen freezing technology. To save the cost of off-site transportation, we developed a short-term preservation solution for canine semen.

Our company transforms our experience and research results from semen collection into insemination into productivity and serves the dog breeding industry. Others think that we have done enough, in fact, this is not enough.

It takes a lot of energy to breed good breeds. It includes the selection of excellent breed dogs, the production of a series of puppies over several years, the screening of breeding dogs in the early stages, the cost of breeding, the special care of the mother during pregnancy, the production of female dogs and the feeding of puppies before sale (including injection vaccination, replenishing food, etc.). The cost of any detail seems small, it is amazing.

Therefore, it is very important to ensure the normal pregnancy of the bitch, normal breeding, and the growth and sale of the puppies. But slowly in the breeding circle for a long time, our company found that the phenomenon of abortion or self-priming of dogs in the breeding month is more and more frequent. So we started research in this area.

Beijing Beiteshuang Technology Development Co., LTD. is a domestic manufacturer of canine and feline pregnancy test kits. Since the product was launched, it has been recognized and praised by the majority of users.

The purpose of our company to develop canine and feline pregnancy test kit is very simple. As the professional equipment for pregnancy detection, B-ultrasound is basically used in hospitals, and requires professional technicians to operate and test around the conception month. This is a threshold for a large number of people in need. Our company has found through extensive research that dogs will secrete certain progesterone after conception. According to the differences between individual dogs and breeds, there will be obvious manifestations in 20 days, 21 days, 25 days, or even 30 days after the completion of breeding.

As a result, our company has a faster test method. As long as you will draw off blood (of course, we will provide you with a blood collection needle in the future), it is a very simple task to use the canine and feline pregnancy test kit to detect whether the dog is pregnant.

We only need to pass the blood to judge whether the bitch is pregnant. It is an urgent topic to identify the tires as soon as possible, enter the care during pregnancy, prevent miscarriage, and avoid economic losses.