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Do Breed Dogs Need Stud Dog Supplements?

In addition to feeding three meals a day, many owners still worry that their dogs will be malnourished and will buy some nutrients for it. In fact, according to the current living conditions, if the dog can be fed scientifically and normally, there will generally be no malnutrition problems. On the contrary, many dogs have the problem of overnutrition. In fact, the nutrition for the dog is mostly because the owner loves the dog. Whether a dog needs nutrients in life should be treated objectively. And what do you need to know about dog nutrition before buying nutrition for it?

First, the common stud dog supplements

1. Beautiful hair products, which are mainly for the growth of dog hair growth. There are many such products, mainly to improve the hair texture and gloss of the dog, so that the fur is more elastic, the hair is more shiny and smooth.

2. Calcium supplements have a very important role in the development and growth of canine bones.

3. Supplements for pigments: such as seaweed powder, which adds color to dogs.

4. The main function of supplementing protein and various nutrients, such as nutritional cream.

5. Vitamin supplements: complex powders such as multivitamins or tablets.

Second, stud dog supplements need to be treated correctly

In fact, not many breed dogs need to eat nutrients. Dogs that are healthy, strong, and physically check all normal do not need to be supplemented with extra nutrients. A normal diet can satisfy the growth needs of each day. As long as the breeder grows healthy and grows normally, there is no need to blindly supplement it with nutrients.

The dogs that really need to be supplemented are thin, weak and sick, because the diet alone causes malnutrition (calcium deficiency, lack of vitamins, etc.), because the disease needs special supplements with certain vitamins or minerals, and so on. Only when these bodies are really experiencing problems, breeders who need supplemental nutrition are suitable for eating some nutrients. Moreover, nutrients are not eaten casually, and should be reasonably selected according to the needs of the breeder's body. In addition, do not give any nutrients to the breeder to eat, must choose the quality is guaranteed, otherwise the nutrition is not added to the pet dog, but there are some problems.