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Dog Knowledge: Egg Yolk Is A Tonic for Dogs

First, the composition of egg yolk

Egg yolk is rich in unsaturated fatty acids with high protein content and low fat content. After the dog eats the egg yolk, it is easy to digest on the one hand, and it also has a beautiful hair effect on the dog. Generally, pet skin diseases, poor coat color, or pregnant bitches, lactating puppies can consider eating egg yolk. But pay attention, eat egg yolk, don't eat egg white!

Second, the benefits of eating egg yolk

1. The pet owner can feed the little milk dog with some egg yolk. Supplementing nutrition can also reduce the burden on the dog mother. But dogs can't eat more, just feed the dog a little bit.

2. Dogs with rough hair can also eat some egg yolks to replenish nutrients and restore smooth and supple hair. Dogs with shiny hair can also prevent hair from splitting and make hair look brighter.

3. You can feed the egg yolk to the diarrhea dog. Egg yolk can provide nutrition, dogs can digest and relieve symptoms of diarrhea, and dogs will recover faster.

4. Feeding the egg yolk can help the dog mother who just gave birth to the baby to quickly restore nutrition. The pet owner should also choose the high-protein low-fat quality dog food for the dog mother to feed, so that the dog mother has enough milk!

Third, the precautions for eating egg yolk

1, feeding the dog to the egg yolk should pay attention to the best not to feed directly, easy to make the dog choked. It is best to grind and then feed, or mix it with dog food.

2. Egg yolks are best boiled eggs, and omelettes or raw eggs are not very good. Tea eggs are not good either. Dogs can't drink tea, they are poisoned. Therefore, the egg liquid boiled from the tea can not be fed to the dog, and the boiled egg is best not to put the salt directly into the white water to cook.

3. Constipation dogs are not recommended for feeding egg yolks. For constipated dogs, the pet owner can feed the dog with three kinds of enzymes, including polysaccharides and hormones. It helps to regulate, better digestion, and allows dogs to have a good bowel movement.

Fourth, dog diet reminder

Egg yolk is a tonic for dogs, but excessive feeding can become a drug. Therefore, the pet mainly learns to feed the dog in moderation. It is best to have 2~3 egg yolks a week. Usually the dog's staple food is still eaten by dog food. The dog breed supplement has a balanced nutrition and is formulated according to the dog's nutrition requirements to ensure the nutrition of the dog. The stud dog supplements are balanced in nutrition, containing deep sea fish oil, beautiful hair and skin care, usually with egg yolk, fruits and vegetables, and more comprehensive nutrition.