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Four Things That Need to Know to Buy Stud Dog Supplements

1. The question is where is it missing?

Stud dog supplements are definitely for supplemental nutrition, but before we give the dog some kind of nutrition, is it necessary to know more clearly what the dog lacks?

The most obvious is the calcium tablets. No matter how much calcium is given to dogs, especially large dog puppies, this can lead to a series of problems such as the dog's bones grow too fast and the muscles can't keep up.

There is also enough food for dogs and dogs to eat. In order to excrete extra nutrients, dogs increase the burden of liver and kidney, increase the risk of stones, and increase the risk of obesity. Practice has also shown that there are more over-nutrition dogs than lack of nutrition.

Therefore, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for individual examinations, and provide targeted supplementation according to the dog's physical examination. Or consult a number of professionals to discuss whether a symptom is really a lack of nutrition.

2. Natural nutrition is good

I feel that there is not much material to discuss stud dog supplements in China. Just like dog food, we also recommend ingredients for nutrition products instead of artificial synthetic materials. That is to buy natural nutrition.

In addition, nutrients should not contain: corn, wheat, artificial colors and artificial preservatives.

3. The best form of nutrition

Rank by absorption rate: water agent>powder>tablet

4. Third party certification

Since the US Food and Drug Administration did not set standards for pet nutrition, in 2002, someone from abroad established a third-party agency, NASC, to audit the products of the member units. There is no such institution in China for the time being.