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Improved Version of Canine and Feline Pregnancy Test Kit

After years of extensive research and development and clinical work, we have launched the canine and feline pregnancy test kit for the world, which has won unanimous praise and recognition from the industry. However, we have a new breakthrough in adhering to the more rigorous attitude towards technology, the higher requirements for the company, and the development requirements for a better customer experience.

For the canine and feline pregnancy test kit, you need to know:

Dogs and cats will secrete certain conception factors after the egg and sperm are normally combined with the bed, and will be detected after reaching a certain level. In more than 1,000 clinical trials, the earliest detected time was 19 days and 20 days after the completion of the breeding. But such cases are relatively few. Most dogs will only be detected around the 22nd, 24th and 26th days. Due to the influence of the number of individuals and pregnancy, if there is only one or two, it is very likely that there will be a clear judgment after 30 days.

The problem we can solve for you:

During the time when the product was introduced to the market, the customer's recognition of product quality and practicality was very high, but the detection of serum has become a problem for some customers. We heard more voices: Do dogs and cats need to take blood? Do dogs and cats need to detect serum? Do we need a centrifuge? Is the process a bit cumbersome? After the improvement and improvement of the technology, we launched the whole blood test version of the canine and feline pregnancy test kit.

The advantages of upgraded version of the canine and feline pregnancy test kit:

1. It can not only detect whole blood, but also detect serum.
2. It can not only help you confirm the tires earlier and more accurately, but also take special care for the pregnant female dogs in advance.