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Introduction to Progesterone Analyzer for Sale

Introduction to the product of progesterone analyzer for sale

One of the most important means of effectively organizing livestock reproduction is to find its ovulation period at the right time. This is determined by the close relationship between ovulation and effective insemination. Therefore, in the search for an accurate, simple, and practical method of ovulation detection, scientists and animal breeders have discovered that their ovulation period can be determined by changes in the electrical resistance of the vaginal mucus of the animal.

In the study of vaginal mucus characteristics, scientists found that the closer to the ovulation period, the greater the change in electrical resistance of vaginal mucus. According to animal physiology, changes in reproductive organs during estrus allow us to scientifically understand the relationship between changes in the ovaries and changes in the vaginal mucus resistance of the female dog.

In summary, according to the relationship between vaginal mucus resistance change and ovulation period, our company developed a progesterone analyzer.

Description of the product required for progesterone analyzer for sale

The electronic tester consists of three parts: a measuring probe, a digital display for reading data, and a handle with a standard 9-volt battery. The switch is located on the handle.

There are two parallel (parallel) electrodes at the top of the probe for measuring the electrical resistance of the vaginal mucus.

The electric current generated by the two electrodes and the electric field generated by this micro current are harmless to animals and humans.

The measuring instrument is made of polyethylene with good chemical stability and insulation. The entire instrument is waterproof, so it can be cleaned to keep the instrument clean and easy to maintain.

Instructions for progesterone analyzer for sale

When you click the switch while detecting the instrument in the air, the display will “blink”. This means that the device is already running, waiting for the word "10" to appear for 5 seconds. (It takes 3 seconds for the device to boot, 2 seconds for the test, and 2 seconds for the next test after the boot.) Because the resistance in the air is particularly large, this is generally not the case in actual operation.

In practice, when the probe is inserted into the vagina at a suitable depth, it is usually rotated by three quarters of the vagina, and the click switch appears "flashing". This means that the device has been woken up to work. After waiting a few seconds, the display will show a set of data. Record the data. Then click the switch again and “flashing” appears. A set of data is displayed again after 2 seconds. See if the two sets of data are the same. If the two sets of data differ by more than 20 numbers, they need to be tested again until the last two sets of values are stable within the difference of 20. (Generally the second and third groups will not exceed this range! Take a few more sets of data each time to ensure accurate data.)

Another function of the LCD screen is to read the remaining battery power. When the “L B” flashes on the screen, you need to replace the battery. When “L B” is always on the screen, the battery is dead.

The minimum scale of the instrument is based on 10, and the measurement display range is between 0-1990. When the measured data exceeds this range, the display will always display “10” to indicate the value, such as when it contacts the air when detecting the electrode. The range displayed by the analyzer is much larger than the measured resistance of the vaginal mucus. In practice, there has never been a phenomenon of overvalue.

Instructions for the operation of the instrument for sale:

It is recommended that the first time users do the following exercises before the measurement:

1. Measuring animals that are clearly in estrus

2. Measuring animals that are not pregnant or in estrus

The difference in data reading in steps 1 and 2 above can help the first-time user to have a sensory understanding of the function of the instrument and can guide the user how to distinguish.

Introduction to the measurement methods required for progesterone analyzer for sale:

Before reading the data:
1. Detect the battery in the air to ensure that the battery is charged. (The number shown on the LCD display should be "10")

2. Prepare a disinfectant. Disinfect the probe as indicated by the disinfection procedure.

3. If the area around the vagina is not clean enough, wash it and dry it.

Read data:

Try to simplify the process (especially for puppies). It is best to put the dog on a table or on a comfortable and clean platform.
1. Insert the probe.

2. Turn on the switch for a few seconds until the number on the LCD display is stable and note the data. Insert a few more data at a time to confirm that the results are consistent. Make sure you get an accurate result.

3. Gently remove the probe.

4. Disinfect according to the disinfection procedure.

How to insert a probe:

Separating the dog's vulva makes the probe easy to insert. Insert 3-4 inches (8-10 cm) depending on the breed and size of the dog until you feel resistance indicating that you have reached the cervix. It is also normal for some female dogs with enlarged cervix to be less obvious. In this case, just push the probe deep into the cervix. The mucus here is the most concentrated and the meter must go deep into it for measurement.

Please note: For larger breeds, the probe may need to be inserted further to adequately contact the vaginal mucus for accurate and consistent results.

Be sure to insert the probe at the correct vaginal angle. There will be a slight difference between each animal, but usually it is about 11 o'clock in the direction of the clock. This angle will vary with breed, size, and individual differences. It is possible that this angle will be so large that the probe is inserted almost vertically.

Correct angle insertion makes the insertion process easier, safer, and easier, and doesn't make your dog feel uncomfortable.

When the probe reaches the desired depth, rotating 360 degrees allows the two electrodes to fully contact the vaginal mucus.

After the probe is inserted at a sufficient depth, that is, after the probe has a slight resistance to the cervix, it is best to fix the measurement at a central position.

Allow about 30 seconds for the temperature of the probe to reach the dog's body temperature to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the results. Do not remove the probe, read the data several times, and take the average of several results.

Rotate the probe 360 degrees before each reading to ensure that the mucus that comes into contact with the probe is "fresh" so that you can avoid "false" data, such as where there is no mucus in the probe.

Precautions for the sale of the instrument: Once the measurement is started, keep a consistent method. For example, insert the same depth and measure in the same part of the vagina, otherwise it will lead to different, inconsistent results. It is also normal for some female dog to have different sets of data for different measurements, such as morning measurements and evening measurements.

Disinfection procedure:

The analyzer should be disinfected before and after use.

Careful and thorough cleaning can ensure the normal use of the instrument. It is recommended that you clean the probe with gauze, cotton or paper towels to ensure that there are no feces, mucus and hair on the probe, especially around the electrodes. Next, it is best to rinse the feces, mucus and hair on the probe under running water, and then put it into the disinfectant. Keep using the original concentration of disinfectant from the manufacturer. Improper use can irritate the vagina, and cleaning the probe before use can avoid this type of phenomenon.

Keep the monitor clean. Improper or unclean use can lead to uterine infections. Wash, disinfect, and dry your analyzer after each use.

• Measurements should be kept in the same way in the same position in the vagina to ensure a real result.

• It is recommended to read the data in the cervix.

Battery replacement:

When the battery is too low, there will be “LB” on the LCD display. You need to replace the battery with a new one.

Replacement method:

1. Unscrew the lower part of the handle.

2. Remove the battery from the handle and release the battery from the battery clip.

3. Replace it with a new one and put it back in the handle.

4. Tighten the screw and fasten the battery cover.