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Is the Swine Ovulation Detector Useful? Is It Reliable?

Some pig farmers are now using the swine ovulation detector. Some other pig farmers want to use it, but there is always doubt in their hearts. After all, there are concerns about new things. So is the swine ovulation detector useful? Is it reliable?

Ovulation testing is known as the "weather forecast" for farm breeding. It monitors the changes in the ovulation cycle according to the concentration of mucus in the sow's birth canal, and learns the best timing of breeding, improves the success rate of breeding, and enhances economic benefits. We highly recommend it.

Swine ovulation detector features:

• The most ideal quick to find sows into the ovulation period without obvious characteristics
• Significantly improve the success rate of insemination
• Improve the skills of the farm technicians
•Save pig farm economic expenses and improve economic efficiency
• Measure early signs of pregnancy or the next ovulation if no insemination occurs

Swine ovulation detector principle:

1. The swine ovulation detector consists of three parts: a probe, an electronic component and a handle with a standard 9 volt battery. The electronic components are equipped with a liquid crystal display to facilitate reading of measurement data. There are two parallel metal electrodes at the end of the probe to detect the resistance. The small amount of current generated by the instrument itself has absolutely no adverse effects on livestock and users.

2. The whole swine ovulation detector is waterproof, so it can be cleaned to ensure hygiene and simple maintenance.

3. The minimum scale of the instrument is based on 10, and the measurement display range is between 0-1990. When the measured data exceeds this range, the display will always display “10” to indicate the value, such as when it contacts the air when detecting the electrode.

If the swine ovulation detector is used correctly, the effect is still there, and the accuracy rate is also there.