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Pig series ELISA Swine Diseases Test Kit

1. Foot and mouth disease series diagnostic kit

Foot-and-mouth disease is an acute infectious disease caused by foot-and-mouth disease virus, mainly infected with cloven-hoofed animals. Once infected, it will bring serious economic losses to the farm. According to the characteristics of serum, foot-and-mouth disease virus is divided into seven serotypes, namely O, A, C, SAT1, SAT2, SAT3 (South African 1, 2, 3) and Asia1 (Asia 1). The FMDV ELISA kit is a biosafety-based ELISA technology that detects non-structural and structural protein antibodies and is the best product for identifying immunized and infected animals.

2, swine fever series diagnostic kit

Hog Cholera is highly contagious and is usually a lethal disease characterized by fever and hemorrhage clinically, with acute or chronic manifestations. The viral surface envelope protein (E2) is highly immunogenic.

The most effective way to control swine fever is to monitor the level of antibodies in the serum of the swine by ELISA, and to detect viral antigens, and to accurately assess the immune status and infection status of the herd. The CSFV Ag/Ab ELISA kit provides the best antibody and antigen detection products for farms.

3. Pseudorabies series test kit

Pseudorabies is an acute infectious disease caused by Pseudorabies virus (PRV; Aujeszky's disease virus, ADV). The clinical features of infected pigs are elevated body temperature, and newborn piglets mainly exhibit neurological symptoms. This virus can also invade the digestive system.

The correlation detected by the porcine pseudorabies virus antibody ELISA method is in good agreement with the virus neutralization experiment. It is a method prescribed by the International Veterinary Authority (OIE) to meet the international standard serum sensitivity.

4. Porcine blue ear virus (PRRSV) antibody ELISA test kit

Blue Ear Disease, also known as Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS), is a highly contagious disease caused by Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV). Pigs of all ages are susceptible to infection. The PRRSV Ab ELISA kit also contains recombinant N protein from European and North American strains, which can effectively detect N-protein antibodies produced by European/Symotic strains and North American strains.

5. Porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) antibody ELISA test kit

Porcine respiratory diseases are associated with many pathogens, including viruses and bacteria, which cause serious economic losses to the farm. Porcine circovirus disease (PCVAD) is a type of disease caused by the PCV2 virus. PCV2 infection causes immunosuppression, secondary or mixed infection, and causes many clinical symptoms, such as: weaned piglet multisystem syndrome (PMWS), porcine dermatitis nephrotic syndrome (PDNS), porcine respiratory disease syndrome (PRDC) , reproductive disorders, etc. The loss is serious. The PCV2 Ab ELISA kit was coated with recombinant Cap protein and an indirect ELISA method was used to quantify porcine circovirus type 2 antibodies.

The use of multiple types of swine diseases test kits can effectively prevent and control the occurrence and spread of a variety of swine diseases, reduce economic losses, and maintain food safety.