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Raising the Sow Artifact: Use the Swine Ovulation Detector to Easily Master the Best Breeding Period

It is recognized in the industry that sows are difficult to raise, especially for breeding. Whether your farm is also plagued by these problems, the benefits are very small: the sows do not estrus after getting out of bed, hidden estrus, stubborn estrus, low birth rate.

Swine ovulation detector principle

When the sow is in estrus, the genital tract secretions increase, and the salt and ionic crystals increase, thereby increasing the electrical conductivity and reducing the electrical resistance. The swine ovulation detector determines the suitable mating (insemination) by measuring the resistance value of the sow vaginal mucus.

Research and practice have shown that the closer to the sow ovulation period, the smaller the vaginal mucus resistance. The sow has the lowest resistance value 30 hours after estrus, so the mating rate (insemination) is the highest in the 30 to 42 hours after the sow's estrus, and the litter size is the highest. The swine ovulation detector is manufactured according to this principle!

Use of swine ovulation detector

1. Check the power of the following instruments in the air to confirm whether you need to replace the battery.

2. Disinfect the probe according to the procedure in the disinfection section of the instructions.

3. Clean the vagina of the animals before measuring.

4. Separate the vulva of the animal and carefully insert the probe until it reaches the depression, that is, the probe penetrates up to three-quarters. Resistance is felt when this depth is reached. At this time, carefully rotate the probe for 2-3 half circles. Check the rectum to see if the probe has reached a suitable depth.

5. Open the swine ovulation detector.

6. The number to be displayed on the display is stable for 1.5-2 seconds before reading the result.