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Necessity of Teamwork in Reproduction

Dog breeding is more and more like a team work rather than a personal hobby. At least, this change can be evidently seen in many large dog houses in northern Europe. It's basically impossible to train a large number of dogs in one place. For individual breeders, the traditional reproductive mode is limited and influenced by laws and regulations and their own needs, and it is difficult to maintain the traditional mode. As a result, more and more breeders are choosing to work actively connected with their puppy customers to breed. A very good family, especially having the cooperative spirit, will become an important part of the breeder team, which can play their own value in the team. This change in reproductive form will affect the "role" of modern breeders, some of whom will become leaders of reproductive teams. Therefore, in addition to the traditional qualities such as self-reliance, striving for strength and so on, the premise of these qualities is to have sufficient social experience, which is necessary to cultivate established relationships and strengthen cooperation with some new breeding families. Nowadays, breeders who choose to work in teams need social experience, rather than fighting alone like traditional breeders, because everyone's efforts are a major factor in the success of reproduction, and team work is now a necessary way to breed high-quality dogs.

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