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Canine And Feline Pregnancy Test Kit

Canine And Feline Pregnancy Test Kit

【Application】 A test card that facilitates initial screening by the user and detects whether the dog or cat has conceived successfully.
【Applicable Object】 Canine and Feline
【Sample Request】Fresh whole blood or serum should be collected

Product Description

【Results Interpretation】
Due to the difference between female dog/cat individuals, the interpretation results are as follows:
1. It is recommended that the first detection time is about 20 days after insemination. If two lines appearing in the detection area, that is, both C Line and T Line being seen red color reaction, then it is judged to be pregnant.

2. If the first detection time is within 25±2 days, there is only one line appears in the detection area, that is, only C line displayed, then it is impossible to judge whether or not to conceive. And the second test needs to be performed after 5-7 days, about 30 days or so after insemination. If it still only have one line displayed, shows it is not pregnant. If two lines are displayed, shows it is already pregnant. (It is worth emphasizing here: because of the differences between individuals, the initial content of gestation factors in the uterus after pregnancy is slightly different. So some dogs are released later, so it is necessary to determine whether they actually conceive through the second test).
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