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Desk-Top Visual Artificial Insemination Gun

Desk-Top Visual Artificial Insemination Gun

Product Description
Through the artificial assisting technology, let the camera of observation channel is connected with the external display screen, and the whole process of canine intrauterine insemination is directly observed, the semen is accurately input into the uterus. In the quality of semen meet standard and the bitch up to the standard ovulation, it will not be open in the healthy state.

Product Description

Product Specification
  • Display size: 377mm × 247mm
  • Pixel: 5 million
  • Handle: Total Length: 490mm / Front End: 350mm
  • Observation Channel: 2mm
  • Water Channel: 1mm / Gas Channel: 2mm
  • Disposable Insemination Catheter: 66cm
  • External Protection Casing: 33cm

Product Advantage
  • Insemination process, full visible
  • Deep insemination to improve efficiency
  • Can be connected TV screen, more professional
  • Water and gas passage
  • Strong operation
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