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Female Canine Cleaning Solution

Female Canine Cleaning Solution

Character】This product is colorless liquid.
Ingredients】Chlorhexidine gluconate, metronidazole, ethanol, etc.
Indications】Used for various vaginal and cervical inflammation caused by bacteria, mold, trichomoniasis, and postpartum cleaning.

Product Description

Usage and Dosage】Take the stock solution diluted with pure water in a ratio of 1:2. Each time you need to dilute the solution 100-200 ml, once a day, 3-5 days for a course of treatment. It is recommended to use a dog dedicated cleaning device for cleaning.

1.3-5 days before and after insemination is disabled.
2. The cleaning device must be washed before use and after use and stored in a clean place.
3. This product is for external use only, and prohibit swallow.
4. It is forbidden to use when the character of this product changes.
5. It should be used up as soon as possible after opening the package.

Validity】 24 months

Packing】 200 ml/bottle.
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