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Female Canine Supplements

Female Canine Supplements

Suitable Object】 Adult bitches, which is used for the female dog with abnormal condition in irregular estrus.
Edible Methods & Dosage】 (Inside with a small spoon for 5g)
Small Dogs: once a day, 5g each time, evenly stirred in dog food.
Medium and Large Dogs: once a day, 10g each time, evenly stirred in dog food

Product Description

1. Increase the nutritional intake of the bitch, regulate endocrine, promote metabolism, and effectively control the regularity of the physiological cycle.
2. Supplement trace elements, improve the estrus cycle is irregular, blood volume is small, the cycle is long, etc.
3. A variety of vitamins based on tocopherol, effectively solve the abnormal situation of long or no estrus.
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