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PET Microchip

PET Microchip

Product Parameters
Code Standard: ISO 11784
Communication Protocol: ISO 11785
Duplex Mode: FDX-B
Excitation Frequency: 134.2 kHz ±1.5 kHz
Reader Band: 129.0-133.2 kHz /135.2-139.4 kHz
Modulation Type: AM/PSK

Product Description

Physical Characteristics
Size: 1.4*8mm, 2*12mm
Weight : 100 mg (±35mg)
Packaging Material: Bio-glass, Surface anti-skid coating

  • The chip is small in size and light in weight
  • Biological glass package & anti-bacterial and anti-allergy
  • Long life up to over 20 years
  • Independent coding for international use
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