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Portable Canine Progesterone Analyzer

Portable Canine Progesterone Analyzer

【Application】 By judging the content of progesterone in the serum of the bitch, according to the change of the data, Accurately master the breeding time.
【Advantage】 No need to add any buffer, direct detection of serum, easy to operate, no need for professionals.

Product Description

【Test Method】
1. Take out the reagent card
2. Pipette 80ul of serum drop into the reagent card hole.
3. Insert the reagent card into the reaction plate holder of the fully automatic progesterone analyzer, make sure the test card is inserted in the correct direction and push it in completely. Click the test button on the instrument screen and the instrument will enter the countdown test.
4. After 15 minutes, the result of the direct display on the display screen of the progesterone analyzer, and it can be printed and archived, the instrument saves the results automatically.

【Configuration】A Progesterone Tester, reagent cards 100 pieces, a centrifuge, blood collection needles and vacuum blood collection tubes 100 sets, a pipette, and some pipette tip.

【After-Sales Service】One year for free and lifelong maintains & technical guidance.

BATERSUARG Progesterone Operation Precautions and Data Judgment
1. Draw blood, at least 2-3 ml of venous blood. Too little may cause poor serum centrifugation.
2. Centrifuge, 4000 rpm for 15 minutes, if the separation is not very good, you can continue for five minutes.
3. The serum pipette must be quantified to 80ul.
4. When the pipette is used to extract serum, be sure to press the first gear, and the position with the handle should not be pressed to the end.
5. Drop the serum into the round hole reagent card, wait for the serum to flow into the strip detection area, insert the round hole upwards and forwards into the instrument card slot, and click the test on the machine to enter the self-test mode.
6. Operating environment temperature must be above 22 degrees.
7. If more than two dogs are detected at the same time, the blood can be labeled and the serum is separated at the same time. Add the serum to each reagent card. The first reagent card is inserted into the instrument card slot, and click the test, the instrument automatically enters fifteen minutes of detection mode, at the same time the other reagent cards are simultaneously reacted for 15 minutes in the external environment. After the first reagent is output, switch the instrument to the instant test mode, and insert the other reagent cards into the machine to read the results. The 15-minute test results will prevail.
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