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Portable Visual Artificial Insemination Gun

Portable Visual Artificial Insemination Gun

Total Length: 55cm            
Hand Shank: 5.5cm
Endoscopic Probe: 38cm      
Camera: 180°Wide Angle
Working Channel: 2mm

Product Description

1.Insert the outer thimble into the position of the cervix of the bitch, inflate the balloon, and accurately position the uterus.
2.The female dog is inverted, inserted into the Visual Insemination Gun, observe the position of the uterus through the screen, and then insert the insemination needle, and into the uterus about 4-6cm distance from uterine orifice, for intrauterine insemination.
3.The process of insemination remains slow.
4.Pull out the insemination needle and the visual gun, air extraction the airbag of outer thimble and pull it out.
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