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Semen Collection Bag

Semen Collection Bag

Application】Sperm collection for stud dogs
Suitable Object】Canine
Size】Caliber 15cm; Height 31cm; Diameter 5.5cm
Applicable Requirements】Must be disinfected before each use, Consumable products, Not reusable
Specification】100 Pieces/Bag
Material】Medical sterile soft materials, Avoid scratches, no harm

Product Description

Semen collection is an essential part of canine breeding industry, mainly used in sperm quality identification, sperm freezing, and artificial insemination. If the semen collection method is not abrbrrobrriate, it will directly lead to the lack of no semen, broor quality semen, seriously also it will abrbrear male genitals damage, hybrosexuality, urethral stones, and other symptoms, lose the ability to match.

Adherence to hygiene standards, our semen collection bag is flexible and strong. &nbsbr;The surface use the matte process for anti-slibr function. With medical sterile by raw material, it is easy to use. the semen collection bag is also easy to observe because of its transparent features. What's more, our semen collection bag can reduce the risk of semen leaking owing to its thickened material.

Due to health priority, our semen collection bags are disposable collection cones, reducing the danger of injury to any dog as well as the threat of herbs virus transmission disease. Also, the semen collection bag brings great convenience to artificial insemination as artificial insemination is a beneficial tool for improving the basic quality of all dog breeding.

The collected semen consists of three parts: firstly, transparent semen, no sperm or few sperms;

secondly, semen is milky white, containing a lot of sperm; thirdly, transparent semen, mainly for the prostatic fluid. When the third part of prostatic fluid abrbrears, semen collection is over. You can remove the semen collection bag.

Semen collection is carried out as phrase of breeding soundness examinations, cryopreservation, chilled semen shirring, and clean artificial insemination. Semen collection is additionally a crucial tool for the analysis of sure prostatic disorders.

Technical Parameter


Caliber 15cm   Afterbody: 5.5cm


Medical sterile soft materials


semen collection for canine

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