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Stud Dog Supplements

Stud Dog Supplements

Suitable Object】 Adult male dog
Edible Methods & Dosage】 (Inside with a small spoon for 10g)
Small Dogs: once a day, 10g each time, evenly stirred in dog food.
Medium and Large Dogs: once a day, 20g each time, evenly stirred in dog food

Product Description

1. Promote the secretion of gonadotropin in the anterior pituitary of male dogs, improve sperm motility.
2. Accelerate the maturity of testicular spermatogenic epithelial cell packs, improve status of sperm deformity and death.
3. Replenish all kinds of elements needed for sperm production, promote the rapid shedding of protoplast drops, and form a large number of high-quality sperm. Increase effective sperm density.
4. Supplement nutrition, regulate male dog endocrine. Reduce physical decline, lack of sexual desire and low energy caused by weather changes or stress reactions.
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