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Preventive Measures against Porcine Pseudorabies!

The porcine pseudorabies has spread rapidly in China, and the incidence area has expanded rapidly, and the disease trend is deteriorating. It is characterized by multiple clinical manifestations, such as severe reproductive failure of pigs, encephalomyelitis of pigs, diarrhea, and respiratory syndrome and obstruction of growth and development of the pigs, and so on. The rampant epidemic of swine pseudorabies in China is caused by many factors, such as the inherent characteristics of porcine pseudorabies, lack of knowledge and ineffective prevention and so on. It is imperative for us to have comprehensive prevention and control of porcine pseudorabies in a planned way. Improving the understanding of the disease and adopting correct strategies are the top priority. First, high-density immunization should be carried out according to the immunization procedure to achieve clinical control, and then purification and eradication should be carried out according to the plan. In China, the eradication of porcine pseudorabies is carried out, in addition to the use of advanced technology and abundant investment funds, the executive heads are conducting and intervening according to the relevant laws and regulations is more vital,.

The porcine pseudorabies is a widespread acute infectious disease caused by porcine pseudorabies virus (PRV), which is a common epidemic of pigs and various domestic animals and wild animals. It is characterized by fever, strange itching and encephalomyelitis, which are all ended by the death for the all animal (except pigs). Once porcine pseudorabies is introduced into the non-immunized population, it becomes an outbreak. Encephalomyelitis and septicemia occurred in suckling piglets, mainly having the neurological symptoms such as tremor and dyskinesia, accompanied by fever, dyspnea, vomiting and diarrhea, which caused significant economic losses to the pig industry. Therefore, pig farms should regularly immunize to strengthen biological safety and veterinary hygiene to do a good job in purifying pseudorabies. Beijing Beiteshuang Technology Development Co., LTD. sells the porcine pseudorabies virus (prv) test kit all the year round, strengthening the disease resistance, and reduceing the cost of medicine, and preventing the flu from ordering.