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What are the Misunderstandings of Cattle Artificial Insemination? How to Operate correctly?

Nowadays, the technology of artificial insemination of cattle has been widely used in our country. It has played an important role in the improvement of cattle and dairy cattle in our country. The coverage rate of improved breeds has been continuously improved, and the body of beef cattle has increased, and the yield of dairy cattle has also been greatly improved, which promote the development of our national economy. However, we must clearly see that many inseminators have problems in the operation of artificial insemination of cattle, which has brought great losses to animal husbandry production.

At present, most of the breeders use rectal insemination technology to grasp the oestrus symptoms and ovulation time of cows, which is the basis of successful fertilization of cow eggs. Most of the breeders do not have a deep understanding of estrus symptoms, and they do not know the ovulation time of cows accurately, and some even have vague concepts.

Experienced breeders are required to undergo rectal examinations, but many breeders directly examine the follicles on the ovaries, which can easily lead to misdiagnosis, without excluding uterine inflammation and pregnant cows within two months. Correct artificial insemination procedures not only save time and effort, but also are not easy to cause human and animal injury.

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