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Winter Artificial Insemination of Sheep in Sheep Breeding Farm of the Provincial Triangle City has b

In order to do a good job in artificial insemination of sheep this year, the main measures adopted by sheep breeding farm of the provincial triangle city are as follows:

First, scientific formulation of selection schemes. According to the core direction of Qinghai wool and meat fine wool sheep breeding and the data of individual production performance of breeding ram, breeding analysis and progeny testing, it combines with the production performance of each flock of sheep, and a strict selection scheme was formulated.

Second, start planning ahead of time. Organize and open a working meeting on animal husbandry production to arrange early deployment, and arrange in detail the matters needing attention and requirements during the deployment of artificial insemination of sheep.

Third, clarify the responsibilities of personnel. Strictly standardize the operation rules of artificial insemination of sheep, abide by the rules and regulations, unify ideas, raise awareness, implement responsibility to people at the specific stages, and do a solid job in the production of artificial insemination of sheep.

Fourth, emphasize work discipline. Workers are strictly prohibited from drinking and smoking in the breeding room, so that they can arrive at work in advance, do a good job before artificial insemination of sheep, such as disinfection, record files and other preparatory work.

Fifth, clear operating procedures. Strict implementation of the operating rules and regulations in the breeding room, with a rigorous attitude, earnestly doing a good job in indoor hygiene, temperature, sperm collection, semen quality inspection, records and various technical operations of insemination.

Sixth, while adhering to the task of "cultivation, breeding, demonstration and promotion" of Qinghai fine wool sheep with both wool and meat, we actively carry out the social responsibility of talent cultivation. As the practice base of Qinghai Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Technology, sheep breeding farm of the provincial triangle city of Qinghai Province has trained more than 60 interns in practical and technical operation during artificial insemination so as to provide ositive contributions to the construction of ecological animal husbandry in Qinghai Province.

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